Technical characteristics
1. Integrating charging machine, DCDC;
2. Highly integrated, stable technical performance, high efficiency and small volume;
3. Using air cooling heat, good heat dissipation, high protection grade, low noise;
Technical indicators
1. AC input voltage: 90VAC-265VAC
2. The DC output voltage rating: 110V-180V(Can be customized)
3. Maximum output power: 3.3 kW
4. Low voltage output voltage: 13.5 V (Optional configuration)
5. Low voltage output current: 4A (Optional configuration)
6. The highest efficiency: ≥95%
7. The DC input voltage: 110V-180V(Can be customized)
8. The DC output voltage range: 8VDC ~16VDC
9.The largest output current:72.5A
10. The rated power output:1kw
11. Maximum output power:1.2kW
12. Voltage accuracy:Better than 1%
13. The highest efficiency:≥96%
The structural characteristics
1. Size: 300*209*194mm
2. Weight:≤10Kg
Typical application models

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